Over four weeks our 5,000 cards were distributed all over the city; Seattle Central Library dispatched bunches to all 26 branch libraries. Fantagraphics mailed 1,500 of its cards to a target list of regulars and Keep Posted, Inc. put David B.'s limited-edition posters all around town. At this time, the Curator had to find donors for wine, catering, David B.'s reception at the airport and his hotel accommodation.

As August grew hotter, each event was re-publicised by its own handbill (stressing air-conditioning). Again, these were hand-placed all over town. Press Officer Eric Reynolds and Cynthia co-ordinated separate e-newsletters and other mailings. In addition to the regular AF mailing list, the Curator created a list of Visual Artists and tweaked the Enewsletter to emphasize David B.'s art opening and speaking engagements. This went out as a separate one-time only mailing. On August 10, Artist Trust also handed out 800 cards at their annual members' and supporters' barbecue.

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